Making traditional agriculture innovative and more sustainable

Based in New York City and having offices around the world, IvaRove Inc. was founded in 2006 with the purpose of bring together the best people, ideas and technical expertise and partner with farmers to turn their ambitions into action. Agriculture as any other industry requires constant production improvement and innovations in order to keep the food security of the world. Agriculture has to be sustainable as often it is harmful to the soils,water and air. Therefore, all projects of Iva Rove Inc. are oriented on sustainability of agriculture as we care about the future of our Planet.
Therefore, all projects of Iva Rove Inc. are oriented on sustainability of agriculture as we care about the future of our Planet.
We specialize in financing and managing agricultural projects in the developing countries. Our team beholds unique prospect in creating new possibilities for the farmers and their production. We are convinced that ag sector is the most stable investment in the challenging world and economy.
Our achievements
9 countries
We work in 9 countries
800 employees
We have over 800 employees
18 projects
18 agricultural scientific projects
Our projects
Koch Agronomic Services
Koch Agronomic Services representation in Ukraine
Nitrification inhibitors
Innovation centers
Iva Rove Inc. has created two innovation centers
Urban greening in Eastern Europe
Depleted soils sanitation and nutritional programs for parks and squares of big cities and towns of Eastern Europe
Seed Treating facility
Ukraine. Modern and mobile seed treating equipment as a counterbalance to big seed treating plants
Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) Application
Ukraine. Our company was the first one to apply special inhibitor product together with NH3 for stabilizing Nitrogen.
Lignite trading as a fertilizer
World’s best lignite material from New Mexico mines
Supervisory Board
Michael Rae
Head of Supervisory Board
Michael Rae worked as a subcontractor to a legendary businessman Armand Hammer and has devoted his professional career to working with the countries of the former Soviet Union having started Argus Limited company. Rae serves as on the board of directors of several companies and charitable institutions.
Isobel Hackett
Member of Supervisory Board
Isobel has spent the past 30 years working in and with the countries of the former Soviet Union within oil and gas industry, agriculture. Isobel is now the managing director of Izko Limited, a UK based company which continues to work with the areas of her expertise.

We unlock the potential
Having unique soils, educated professionals and good weather conditions, farmers in the developing countries do not possess resources to maximize existent potential.
Our Aim is to deliver latest innovations from the US agricultural production to the developing world. So that farmers can maximize their yields and improve production technologies by:
  • using latest agricultural equipment;
  • applying beneficial and eco-friendly crop nutritional programs;
  • implementing leading and most effective infrastructural projects;
  • recovering soils and fertility;
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