Nitrification inhibitors

The efficient application of nitrogen is the primary method for increasing yields
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Agriculture is responsible for over half of the input of reactive nitrogen (N) to terrestrial systems; however, improving N availability remains the primary management technique to increase crop yields in most regions.
In many agricultural systems, large amounts of fertilizer N are lost from the root zone as nitrate through leaching and denitrification.
Nitrification inhibitors are chemical compounds that slow the nitrification of ammonia, ammonium-containing, or urea-containing fertilizers, which are applied to soil as fertilizers. These inhibitors can help reduce losses of nitrogen in soil that would otherwise be used by crops. Besides of stimulating higher yields, nitrification inhibitors save our ecology as one of their purpose is to decrease the application rate of N fertilizers.

To create a product that will be a game changer for the whole nitrogen management industry was the main task for our innovation centers during several years. ULTRA BOOST for NH3 is the product that we proud of and that has proved its effectiveness in the United States and on different international markets. The proprietary active ingredient allows Iva Rove Inc. to value partnership with both N fertilizers producers and farmers in different parts of the world.

Our Strengths

  • ULTRA BOOST system - modern products for improving Nitrogen management. Products for UAN and NH3.
  • Best method for saving ecosystem and in the same time to increase yields

Markets we work in:

Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan.


Our strategy is to concentrate on one partner-company in each country in order to develop each market with program approach.

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