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KAS is a global leader in plant nutrient solutions. As part of Koch Industries, Inc., a privately held company with some 120,000 employees operating in 60 countries across the globe, KAS has access to an incredible array of resources and its research, processes, systems and people all lead to incredible innovations. KAS is a global leader in producing nitrogen stabilizers. Its products: CENTURO® and AGROTAIN® are considered to be world leaders in the industry.
CENTURO® is a proven nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia and UAN that helps keep applied nitrogen in the ammonium form three times longer than without an inhibitor.
CENTURO® was created two years ago and based on the KAS’s patented technology (pronitridine active ingredient). Since its introduction, CENTURO® nitrogen stabilizer has helped deliver highly effective performance results and optimized yields. CENTURO® has helped growers meet their nutrient management, nitrogen efficiency and yield goals, and has quickly become a proven nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia and UAN. Its noncorrosive formula is gentle on equipment and continues to be an easy-to-handle solution.

AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) is the original, most research-proven urease inhibitor technology on the market. With over 20 years of trials and real-world results on millions of acres worldwide, it’s the one growers trust to protect their nitrogen investment — optimizing their yield potential and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Strengths:

  • We are representing the world leader in nitrification inhibitors production.
  • Centuro and Agrotain are the industry leaders for inhibiting Nitrogen within UAN, Urea and NN3.
  • KAS is a part of Koch Industries Inc. – a company with 120,000 employees operating in 60 countries acros the globe.
  • Ukraine is a second world market for implementing Centuro technology after Australia.

Markets we work in:

Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan.


Our strategy is to concentrate on one partner-company in each country in order to develop each market with program approach.

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