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Iva Rove Inc. has created two innovation centers
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Iva Rove Inc. has created two innovation centers with the aim of brining most progressive scientists together for creating products that will influence the agricultural markets all over the world.
Starting with the production and laboratory center in 2012 in Tampa, Florida, we also expanded this activity to Bangalore in India.
We are proud to have created growth stimulators and unique nitrification inhibitors that make a huge impact on the effective sustainable agriculture production around the world.

Our scientific groups have created ULTRA BOOST growth line which unites products for the effective Nitrogen management, nutrients usage and growth.

Our Strengths:

  • Bringing the most progressive scientists together;
  • Production in Bangalore, India;
  • Production and laboratory center in Tampa, Florida;
  • Innovations for improving the sustainable agriculture;

Markets we work in:

Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan.


Our strategy is to concentrate on one partner-company in each country in order to develop each market with program approach.

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Nitrification inhibitors
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