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Ukraine. Modern and mobile seed treating equipment as a counterbalance to big seed treating plants
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IVA ROVE was the first company to import the latest seed treating equipment from the USC company to Ukraine, which is a manufacturing leader in the USA.
Commonly farmers in Ukraine buy already bagged and treated seeds with chemicals from the seed factory. Unfortunately, they are unable to monitor the quality of treating, originality of chemicals and their application rate that seed plants in Ukraine apply onto the seeds. Quality of treatment on the big seed plants in Ukraine has always been a concern.

We installed USC seed treating equipment on the base of one reputable farm in Poltava region, Ukraine. As a result, farm has received important modernization of their production:

  • - Control over seed treating production and applied chemistry;
  • -Quality of seed treatment which is even better compared to big seed factories.

Besides, we are providing seed treating services to neighboring farms that ship seeds to our facility and control the process from their side as well.


Our strategy is to concentrate on one partner-company in each country in order to develop each market with program approach.

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