Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) Application

Ukraine. Our company was the first one to apply special inhibitor product together with NH3 for stabilizing Nitrogen.
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Anhydrous Ammonia is getting more and more popular as the main nitrogen fertilizer among Ukrainian farmers. Due to complicated application (special equipment, ecological requirements and trained staff), farmers hire special companies for Anhydrous Ammonia application.
The market for Anhydrous Ammonia consumption amid farmers is growing extremely fast. This kind of fertilizer is attractive owning to two main factors: the cheapest nitrogen source and fertilizer with the highest N concentration (82%). However, there are different complications in HN3 application: lack of storage infrastructure, reliability of the company who makes applications. Besides, Anhydrous Ammonia is very vaporable, which makes Nitrogen unstable and short-time in the soil. Special inhibitor products are used for stabilizing Nitrogen in NH3 with the help of special additional equipment. This program is fully used in the US agricultural market.
Having analyzed a strong demand for innovations in this sphere, our company was the first one who applied this technology in Ukraine together with the traditional NH3 application.

The technology is a combination of three parts:

  • US modern equipment for NH3 application;
  • Raven Sidekick equipment for inhibitor product application;
  • Ultra Boost for NH3 (our inhibitor product);

This combination has given perfect results for:

  • Direct contract with the chemical plants;
  • Quality appliciation of NH3 with a park of the newest Farmada equipment;
  • Delay-free supply of NH3 to the end-users mostly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia;
  • NH3 storaging in Ukraine.

Our partners in Ukraine are renowned agricultural holdings and big farms that are deeply oriented to implementing new effective solutions in their agricultural production.


Our strategy is to concentrate on one partner-company in each country in order to develop each market with program approach.

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